1 part Business Partner / Owner
1 part Executive VP Operations
2 parts Expert in her field – Hospitality Payroll and HR Compliance / Operations
3 parts Mom and Head of Household.

Stacey Holder is a non-stop, hands on, Full Time Business Partner, Vice President Operations and most importantly a Full Time Mom of an amazing teenage boy and 2 awesome dogs. She is also a Part Time Yankee fan, Jets fan and Penguins fan.

Stacey was born and raised on Long Island and still lives here and loves it, although she admittedly looks forward to moving someplace warmer someday. She went to college at SUNY Albany and quickly entered the workforce, working full time in Customer Service and Operations for the last 30 years. Stacey has worked in many industries, including Hospitality, HR/Payroll, Product / Package Distribution and Quality Management, and has worked for and with companies such as UPS, ADI and IBM. Although lucky enough to work and travel all over the world throughout her career, once Alex was born, Stacey decided to slow down a bit (not too much!) and stay close to home. She anxiously accepted a Director of Operations position with a local Payroll company that specialized in Hospitality and quickly realized this was the one of the best decisions of her life.
Stacey fell in love with payroll, especially Hospitality payroll, and knew she would be in this industry forever – well, at least for a very long time! “Working with and in the Hospitality Industry adds a fun twist to a normally boring industry – payroll”

She has since worked in the payroll industry and has specialized in Hospitality Payroll and HR compliance for the last 15+ years. Stacey worked for 2 different companies before joining forces with Michael D’Onofrio in 2014 to start PPS; another one of the best decisions of her life!

Besides loving Hospitality Payroll, Alex, her fiancé Tex and her dogs Apollo and Cali, not necessarily in that order, Stacey also loves sports, boating, riding motorcycles, country music, line dancing, and traveling.