Michael D’Onofrio - Premier Payroll Solutions



Growing up on Long Island and would not change it for the World!  It has been home for nearly 40 years and I love all it has to offer me and my family!! Growing up in Suffolk County and going to a large High School it was there that I began developing relationships both personally and professionally through my jobs and entrepreneurial spirit.  Continuing my education at Hofstra University as a Business Management major is where my passion for business further developed.  In the immediate years post-graduation is when I found my passion for sales and customer interaction. Working alongside family and having ownership in multiple restaurants is where I learned most about Hospitality and treating customers well!

In 2007 Mike took his success to the Medical field and furthered his learning and relationships here on Long Island.  It was in 2010 that he decided to make a change to further his workings in the Hospitality space to focus on hospitality payroll. Recalling at the time that he was going to leave what was considered a “Sexy Business” to go into Restaurant Payroll?  Well, having the skill set, relationships and work ethic he had succeeded in finding his passion which essentially led to where he belonged. In 2014 is when he came together with his Partner Stacey to build the Foundation of Premier Payroll Solutions.  Since then they have had wonderful Partners join them us as well as the best in industry teammates to help drive their success and will continue to do so!

When away from the office Mike loves being with his wife Adrienne, daughter Angelina, and son Matteo whether it is watching their sports or playing with them.  Traveling to new places and taking trips is how he enjoys downtime to recharge the batteries.  Being a lifelong Ranger fan, it is with hope to see them get back to the Stanly Cup and win and hope to experience it with his kids.

The sentiment of “It isn’t work if you love what you do” has been the case since starting the firm and grateful each day to get to work with fantastic teammates and clients each day!