BROKER/CPA SUPPORT SERVICES - Premier Payroll Solutions



Here at PPS we work very closely with our CPA partners. The relationship between clients and their CPA has evolved over the last 10 years to where a lot of the work is done remotely and without the need to be on-site. So we understand that and help our partners by giving them access to their clients payroll portal thus enabling them full reporting capabilities. This helps with the ability to produce job costing, budgeting and referencing any quarterly and/or year end tax returns. We also understand that besides having the technology to assist in the CPA’s job, we also need to be available. All of our staff members have working relationships with our CPA partners to ensure if something is needed right away, we are here to help.

We have also created unique programs with some of our CPA partners that are currently processing the payroll for their clients inhouse.


Do you currently sell our services? This is always the question we get asked when we meet with new insurance or Financial partners. We get it , a lot of our competitors are either in your industries or are possibly looking to get into them. If they are honest enough to tell you the truth.

When we started the firm one of our first things we said to each other was, lets do a really good job at our core product, Payroll. Let’s leave those other industries like P&C Insurance, Health Insurance, and 401k to the people that are really good at their job. The payroll industry is flooded with companies that provide 50 different services but end up doing a pretty mediocre job at all of them.

We work hand in hand with our partners to ensure the flow of information is seamless as possible whether that’s integrating with the workers comp carrier or creating custom files for their 401k contribution.