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At Premier Payroll Solutions we understand the value, trust, and respect that your clients place on the relationship that you have with them. We value each and every one of your clients the same way you do and constantly strive to exceed their expectations of a payroll processing company. As an organization we know our attention to detail will be a reflection of your referral and never take that lightly.

As a CPA your time should be focused on helping your clients grow their business rather than spending your time with payroll processing or the burdens that come along with that. PPS will work with your clients from on boarding new hires, tax-filing, quarter / year end and much more. Clients are offered the flexibility to choose how they enter their payroll on a per pay period basis. We also like to give you access to the necessary reports so you do not have to waste time waiting for your client to furnish them.

Please contact our office if you would like to learn more about how we can help you and your practice be relieved of the payroll burden of your clients. We can also discuss more detailed options that may help you retain control of the process while utilizing our system to make tax payments.

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